Southeast Texas Bee Garden

This week we decided to make an attempt at helping out our garden.  While we’re doing okay getting okra and cherry tomatoes, many of our plants that require fertilizing aren’t doing so hot.  Well, that makes sense, since we noticed we don’t have any bees.  After doing some research, I decided to plant a bee garden in an attempt to attract some local bees to our yard.  It was very counter-intuitive.  My whole life I’ve tried to avoid bees as much as possible, and here I am researching how to attract them to my yard!  But, now that I know just how important bees are to getting a big harvest, I’m all about bringing them into my yard.  I only hope it’s not too late!

While we already had many plants that supposedly attract bees (strawberries, peppers, blackberries, bee balm, catnip, and honeysuckle), none of them are currently blooming, so I decided to offer a little help.  On the left you can see our newest

addition to our backyard garden, our potted bee garden.  Some of this was based on a little research, and some of it we bought simply because we saw bees buzzing around them at the store.

The plants in our garden include:

  • 4 large zinnias
  • 1 eucalyptus flower
  • 1 catnip
  • 2 beebalm
  • 2 cherry laurels

There are many other flowers that you can plant in your back yard that attract local bees.  You can see a pretty comprehensive list of what to plant in Southeast Texas here.  I’d love to expand on this little garden when I have a chance.  I really love black-eyed susans and sunflowers, and I found a few others that I thought were rather pretty while doing my research.

I just can’t wait until I can have established flower beds with lots of different flowers.  I never pictured myself as a flower gardener-even less so than a veggie gardener-but now I see the point of having such pretty colors, and I’m suddenly attracted to the idea.  Plus, who can resist the idea of sipping hot coffee (or tea) on a shaded back porch surrounded by beautiful flowers?  While it may be a year before I can accomplish that little project, I’ve got visions dancing in my head now!



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