South-East Texas Bird Watching

Every spring, as long as there is no drought, we make sure to start filling the bird bath and sprinkling bird seed so that we get lots of colorful visitors to enjoy throughout the warmer months.  This yard is especially prone to birds on its own, with so many old trees and lots of growth, but we like to help out as much as we can.   I’ve been trying to get some good pictures now for a few weeks to share on this blog, and I finally succeeded today!

A cardinal who perched just long enough to get a photo

My daughter, Pistache*, loves looking out this window and learning all about the different kinds of birds with me.  In fact, she’s our resident bird-feeder.

A couple of bluejays played together in the yard.

I think it’s pretty funny that both the Cardinals and the Bluejays showed up only a few minutes apart, letting me get photos of both to share here.  My normal spot in the den looks right out the window into the garden, so I get to see them swooping past all day.  We get so any birds in the yard on a daily basis! Bluejays and Cardinals, obviously, but we also get woodpeckers, doves, and many others.

What sort of birds do you get in your backyard?

*Name changed to protect identity.  Pistache is Cajun French for “Peanut,” which was her nickname as a baby.  Ironic, considering her peanut allergy.



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2 responses to “South-East Texas Bird Watching

  1. D. Stevenson

    Have you ever had the cardinals disappear completely? We were gone to Israel for a week (just got back). Food in feeder full & still good..We have an excellent ‘cat sensor’ (that puts out a high-pitched sound & keeps cats away) at both sides of the house. We’ve had NO cardinals at the feeder…in fact no mocking birds, no doves….no birds at all….Oh, we live in Southeast Texas…Just thought you being one that enjoys the birds,you might have heard some reasoning behind it. Thanks…Be blessed ❤

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