Painting Seashells – Nature Crafts with Kids

Sorry for the radio silence this last week.  It started out with a fabulous family beach vacation, and ended with us on pins and needles hoping for some good news for our family.  We’re not quite ready to share anything, but hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll have an exciting announcement!

In the meantime, we thoroughly enjoyed our beach vacation, despite the weather forecast.  Tip of the day, just because the weatherman says there’s a 60% chance of thunderstorms all weekend, doesn’t mean you won’t have beautiful weather!  We spent the entire weekend on the beach building sand castles (well, I built them, Pistache just played Godzilla and crushed them all), and collecting seashells to learn about nature. We discussed how hermit crabs and muscles lived in these shells and the ones we collected were no longer useful to the sea creatures.  Pistache loves learning about nature and exploring new things, so we even take the time to discuss these things in the back yard and at the park.

love collecting seashells with kids.  It brings back the memories of me doing that as a kid, and it’s a tradition I’ve passed on to Pistache.  We walk the beach and collect seashells in a bucket while talking about the creatures that live in the sea, and then they are the perfect afternoon craft while the sun is at it’s strongest.

Painted seashells are a great busy craft for toddlers!

Pistache loved painting seashells, and this kept her busy for quite awhile our last day at the beach and even after we got back from the beach-she collected a lot of shells.

Once she was bored with painting shells, we let them all dry and then collected all of the shells with little holes to make a decoration for her room.  We used fishing wire, a darning needle (to make it easier to control the fishing wire with her little hands), and all of the seashells with holes and began lacing them together.

Pistache got a chance to practice lacing with her shells. And yes, she’s crafting in a Princess dress!

Nature can provide hours of entertainment for young kids, and crafts like these have really opened Pistache’s eyes to the world around her.  So next time you’re at the beach, try collecting seashells and talking to your toddler about their purpose and then plan a craft!


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