Sea Salt Body Scrub Recipe

One of my biggest skin problems-and a common skin problem for a lot of people-is dry flaky skin.  I’ve tried so many lotions and moisturizing body washes, and no matter what, I just couldn’t get that soft, smooth skin that I wanted.  Enter, Pinterest! (Seriously, what did I do before Pinterest?!)

I stumbled upon an awesome recipe for a handmade body scrub last fall.  It met all my criteria.  Beginner friendly, cheap, handmade, and effective! That’s a win-win-win-win, right?!

Giant batch of homemade body scrub

I loved this stuff so much that I made a huge batch to hand out as Christmas gifts to most of my extended family.  Seriously. Best. Stuff. Ever.

Pistache and I love using it for our “spa pedicure” days, too.  We ran out recently, and since I was crunched for time I decided to buy some foot scrub that was on sale.  Why did I do that?! This stuff is much cheaper and really only takes five minutes. Basically, I was being lazy.  I went ahead this past week and made another small batch just for us, and thought I’d post the recipe here for you to try, too!

It’s a tad bit messy if you fill your jar too full since the oil separates a little during storage, but if you just give it a quick mix with your finger before you use it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Next time I’ll have to play around and try some different ingredients to make this my own.  I’ll be sure to share if I have success!


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