I’ve been thinking a lot lately about self-sufficiency.  As in…what would happen if society as we knew it disappeared and I had no grocery stores, cars, cell phones, or computers to depend on? Perhaps it’s my newfound obsession with the TV show Revolution. Maybe it’s the fact that we have been living with family, knowing all too well we could be asked to leave at any time, for over a year.  Whatever the cause, the topic has been on my mind a lot lately.  Actually, it’s probably been buried somewhere in the back of my mind for ages, and I’m only just recognizing it for what it is.  After all, what is gardening, homesteading, and canning all about? It’s about being prepared, fending for yourself, and survival.

So, be prepared to hear a lot about this topic from me.  We’re in the process of preparing to move now (which might have a smidge to do with my radio silence lately), but once we do, we’ll have a lot more resources on hand.  It’s not the situation we’d hoped for a few months ago.  We won’t be moving out into the country with acreage for farming and raising animals, but we’ll have a lot more room than we have now.  That includes an entire storage space just for canned foods! So one of our first goals is to prepare for a 72 hour emergency and build from there.  You know…just in case.   After that, we plan to plot our garden, plant some potatoes, and look into getting a few backyard chickens.

Don’t worry.  I won’t be stocking a bomb shelter, loading up an arsenal, and going crazy.  Instead, we’ll be focusing on useful resources, such as:

  • a big garden with chickens

    Windmills offering alternative power.

  • learning about and planting some medicinal plants
  • canning and preserving
  • solar panels for electricity
  • expanding on our fishing knowledge
  • moving some important information onto paper rather than keeping it on a computer.

This way, if we ever find ourselves in a situation where we can’t depend on all of our luxuries, we’ll still be okay!

So, it’s gotten me thinking.  What do you do to be self sufficient? Do you know how to forage? Plant a garden? Know about herbs?  I challenge you to learn one skill that would come in handy if we did run into “the apocalypse.”  Because if you are completely dependent on others, it’s kind of scary to think about the what-ifs!

Currently, my most useful skill is crochet.  I’m a whiz with a hook and some yarn.  At least with this skill, I know my family will not go naked or die from exposure.  Still, I could build on this skill a lot by learning to spin my own wool, raise my own sheep and goats, etc.  I also know a lot about prepping meals straight from the garden, but I could expand on this knowledge by learning more about the healing properties of plants and learning about the beneficial “weeds” that grow locally in case I were ever trapped out in the woods.

In the meantime, my Pinterest boards have been blowing up with resources and informative articles that I want to read to catch up on this topic.  Apparently I’m a bit behind in this game, because others have been planning for awhile!




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