Cast Your Vote!

Yep, it’s that time of year again! While many people think of election years with dread, and associate with with a slew of political rants on Facebook, blogs, and other media, it is important to remember the real meaning.  Normally, I’m in that first camp.  I’m one that would like to just bury my head in the sand until mid-November & just forget it all happens.  I still vote, but I don’t like the tension it causes.  I don’t like lines drawn in the sand! This year, however, someone reminded me that at some point, someone died for my right to vote.  In this day and age, it’s easy to forget that for some people, voting isn’t just a given.  At some point, someone died so that I could have a voice in this decision.  So…I decided to research.  I took part in a few political discussions.  I still was so undecided this year! In fact, my husband was, too! Until last night, it appeared that we were voting opposite for the first time ever, and while I know it’s okay to vote a different way than my husband, it just felt wrong.  Well…it turns out we both surprised ourselves at the last minute.  We sat down last night and researched each candidate so that we’d both be fully informed.  It turned out that when we weren’t listening to the opinions of our family and friends, we both made a surprising decision and ended up on the same side again!

Today was the big day for us. My husband is off work on Fridays so it just worked out for us to go vote early.  It was important to me to bring Pistache as well.  One day, I want her to know just how important it is to cast her vote and be heard. I explained how women weren’t always allowed to vote, and that it is important to learn about the people making decisions for us.  She was so excited at the polls, because she was helping me do such an important thing.  In fact, I even let her push the button to vote a few times.  She loved it, and even got a stamp on her hand that says “voted!”

So, now that we have done our civic duty, we can sit back and relax until the true voting day, and not have to worry about missing it due to unforeseen circumstances.  It feels good to know that I’ve done my part, taught my daughter of it’s importance, and made an informed decision!


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