Cage Free Home!

Well folks,

I’m here to explain (part of) the radio silence over the last few weeks.  I’m bummed, because I had big plans to post a bunch of DIY holiday stuff and everything! Oh well.  I’ll post some of my crafts as I go (to be honest, I haven’t really got that far anyway!)

So, the Cage Free family now has a new home! Surprise!

Cage Free Family on the first day of home-ownership!

Cage Free Family on the first day of home-ownership!

It has been a goal of ours to move into a more rural area with a big yard.  We wanted plenty of space for a garden and chickens, and lots of space for Pistache to play outside.  Well, we put in an offer on a great place near the water back in August, but with my superstitions, I refused to make any sort of announcement beyond family members until we were certain everything was going through (seriously, my brother-in-law didn’t even know!)

It was a long process, due to my husband, Willie, changing jobs part way through the contract, so we didn’t close on our first house until November 15, just a few weeks ago!  But we’re now settled in and beginning to make plans for our life here.  It’s such an exciting process!

It’s not as much space as we’d hoped to buy for our first home, but for the location, it’s a great deal! We now have  plenty of living space (3bed 2 bath, 2 living areas, plus a bonus room!) as well as a large lot, at about 1/2 an acre, which is still plenty of space for a couple of fruit trees, a play space for Pistache, a garden, and a few backyard chickens.  Honestly, now that we’re here, looking at the size of our yard vs the amount of space we need, I’m glad we didn’t decide to stick with our goal of at least 2 acres.  What are we going to do with all this space?!  As former renters, used to apartment living, we’re baffled at what to do with it all.  I mean, we have whole rooms that aren’t being used, and while I’m sure the back yard will fill up with the garden and landscaping this spring, right now it seems like such a huge blank canvas!

So, my days now involve decorating, unpacking the few boxes of non-essentials left over, and daydreaming about my studio (in the bonus room), paint colors, and future remodels.  Willie’s free time consists of tinkering in the garage, taking care of the lawn, and fishing and crabbing right down the road!  We’re extremely happy here in our new home, and we’re confident this will take us to a completely new level of self-sufficience and homesteading that we’ve wanted to achieve for several years now.

So…stay tuned for more about our goings on in the new home!


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