Let’s Talk About Neocate Formula, and the Changes They’ve Made

Again, this is a post that doesn’t fit with my regular topics, but it is one close to my heart, and I have been following one of the little boys affected for four years (since he was born).  Affectionately dubbed “TNT”, this little boy is suffering from multiple life-threatening allergies.  Pistache has food allergies that worry me every day, but as soon as I start getting irritated about her diet restrictions, I think about TNT and feel a little better about our own situation.  That’s because TNT is allergic to just about every type of food with any nutritional value.  Meats, fruits, dairies, nuts, and even vegetables.  This isn’t an issue that can be solved easily.  In fact, there is only one form of nutrition that has kept him alive and growing these last few years, and now something has changed and he can’t even tolerate that anymore.NeocateJrPrebiotics

It might look like a fluke if it was just him that was suffering, like perhaps he’d just developed an allergy to this formula suddenly.  Except, his mom is now in contact with at least 15 other families that are now suddenly experiencing the same thing.

All of these families have children being kept alive by Neocate formula.   Neocate, a UK based company owned by Nutritia, specializes in something called an “Elemental” formula.  These formulas are produced to help children with multiple severe food allergies to things such as dairy, soy, goats milk, almond milk, coconut milk, etc.  Everything makes these children sick, except Neocate Junior Formula.  Until now.  These children are suddenly getting sick off of the one thing that used to keep them alive.

It appears that in May 2012, the company changed their recipe, and now many of these children cannot tolerate the formula at all.  Parent’s are being told to “prepare for the worst,” and a few of these children have even been admitted to the hospital since starting on the Neocate formula produced after May 2012.

Something needs to be done, here, and fast.  This is a life or death situation, and it’s affecting innocent children who have already suffered more than any person ever should.  So help get the word out.  Tell your news stations, contact anyone you know of that might have the power to make this story national.  Because until it’s national, these children do not have enough people fighting in their corner.

You can read some of the personal stories of these affected children in the links below.  This is not an exaggerated post.  This is not something to be taken lightly.  Please help TNT, and help his friends that are also affected by this serious condition.
You can read about Lidija here
Read about Penny here

And you can read a little more about TNT here
Other Media regarding this topic is still limited:
The Impending Neocate Disaster

There are many other families affected by this.  Not all of them have gone public.  These are the three stories I have heard. Please help these kids.  If you can donate money to help these families buy up the old cans of Neocate, they are all very grateful.  Even if you can just tell your local news teams, congressmen, doctors, and celebrities that can help make this national news.  Anything helps at this point.  These children need medical attention that is not covered by most insurance plans, they need formula, and they need Neocate to reverse their recipe so that these children have time to grow.



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3 responses to “Let’s Talk About Neocate Formula, and the Changes They’ve Made

  1. Thank you for sharing their story, They need help fast!

  2. https://www.facebook.com/PennysPennies?fref=ts Please share our page. Our daughter is also affected. We are purchasing old label cans made prior to May as often as we can from websites like Amazon, Ebay and craigslist.

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