At Least It’s Free Garden Mulch

This past weekend was a busy one! I mean, everyone always talks about how much work there is to be done to a house when you buy, but I guess I never realized just how much work there actually is.  I mean, beyond moving in furniture, unpacking boxes, and decorating the walls, there is just so much more.   Like the yard work, for instance.  I guess some families could just let it go, if they don’t spend much time outside.  But we do! And now that I have my very own yard to take care of, I’ve got grand plans.

{Disclaimer: My blog feed is full of pictures of snow and still have winter related posts.  I am well aware that complaining about massive amounts of yard work in January is not the norm! All weekend I thought back to January in Washington and then appreciated the yard work and warm days even more!}

So, in that spirit, we spent the entire weekend outside in the yard doing work.  I didn’t notice when we did our home tours that the back yard was covered in leaves.  Not like a normal bit of leaves, but like years  worth of leaves that have just been left to their own devices.  I mean, there are patches where there is no longer grass because the leaves were so dense that it got smothered.  So that’s what I worked on this weekend.  All weekend.  And I’m not even half way done!



This is just  a corner of the yard. The Crepe Myrtles were pruned back (all but 1, because Cage Free Dad sprained his ankle after the second one and couldn’t climb the ladder),  the leaves in the front half of the yard were raked into piles, and the branches were put on the fire pit so we can burn them.  It was a lot of hard work, and there’s still a lot of yard to cover this upcoming weekend.  All I can say is, at least we have a lot of “brown matter” for our compost pile, and the rest of it will get shredded to use as garden mulch!  Looking at it, I’m thinking we may have enough for next year, too!  In addition, I think before I do this again, we’ll invest in a riding lawn mower with a bag that picks everything up.  Otherwise I don’t think we’ll ever stay on top of this yard!



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