Citrus, Strawberries, and Blackberries, OH MY!

This weekend was a busy one in the Cage Free Household!  Pistache and I have definitely made good use of this time on our own so far while Cage Free Dad is away for work, with so many projects we can barely keep up.

This weekend, we spent the entire weekend outside gardening for the first time this year!  We finally picked out two trees for our fruit-tree experimenting, and decided on a Meyer lemon tree and a naval orange tree last weekend.  Unfortunately, by the time I got them home, it was too late to plant so they’ve been on my back porch all week long waiting on me to put them in the ground, which I wasn’t going to do while it poured down raining.  Finally, this weekend the sun came out, so we took advantage, grabbed our gardening tools, and got to work digging, fertilizing, and planting.  It was dirty work, but very rewarding.

Future Blackberries

In addition to the two citrus trees, we also planted 2 blackberry bushes and 9 strawberry plants.  By the end of the day, I was sore to the bone, and Pistache was covered head to toe in dirt, but we were happy with what we’d gotten accomplished and trudged inside for showers and baths right at dinner time.  This is the first time I’ve done any planting that was intended to last longer than one growing season, so I hope I did these plants justice.  I read up a little on each plant before I put them in the ground, hoping to do the best I could while I was planting.  For example, as soon as I broke ground on the soil, I learned that our soil is mostly clay, so I knew I was going to have to mix in some compost or potting soil.  Since I don’t have our compost from last year yet (a project for Cage Free Dad and the truck!) I opted to purchase some potting soil/compost mixture from the store.  I bought a special citrus blend for the trees, and a generic organic soil for everything else and began digging and mixing soil to give these plants the best start I can offer.

Finally, the job was done, right about dinner time and we watered…


And finally, right around dinner time, we trudged inside, filthy and tired, but feeling that the hard work was worth it!

Just Planted


It was hard work, especially doing it alone with Pistache, who’s only 4, but I know that in the end, we’ll be glad we did it. Not only was it nice to get out in the sun, but it was nice to get our first homesteading project finished so soon after moving in!  I know we won’t get to enjoy much from these plants this year, but with eyes on the future, I know we’ll hopefully get lots of yummy fruit of our own.  The best part is that I’ll know they aren’t covered in yucky pesticides!



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4 responses to “Citrus, Strawberries, and Blackberries, OH MY!

  1. Very cute photo of your daughter! Those memories a priceless! I well remember working in the backyard with my Dad, planting fruit trees and taking care of the “garden”.

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