Surprise Carrots

Yep, you read that title correctly!  If you have read my blog from the beginning, you’ll know that our first garden struggled.  We planted lots of carrots and we were really excited about them.  According to the seed packet, we expected to wait a little while for our crop, but still expected carrots by mid-summer.  Unfortunately, while the tops sprouted up really quickly, we only ever got tiny orange slivers underground.  Eventually, we gave up, and then moved.

This past weekend, we went back to our old garden site to pick up a few things (it’s in my grandmother’s back yard, so we still have access), and when we drove back there, we were surprised to see a garden bed nearly full of carrot tops!  Curiously, I went and pulled up a few to inspect them, and sure enough, I had a garden full of carrots.  They’d clearly reproduced and made a second crop, too, because some of the carrots were smaller and some were huge.  I didn’t expect much from all of them, since they were so huge and basically abandoned, but I went ahead and filled 2 5 gallon buckets with carrots to bring home and clean.  I couldn’t believe it!  We got to cleaning and ended up with a lot of carrots.


I still can’t believe we found these a full year after planting, and that they still tasted good!  We discussed what to do with these, and decided to try a recipe we found in our canning book.  We’ve tried it before, when some friends made it, and it’s a really interesting, different dish that we really enjoy during the summer!


So, Cage Free Dad and Pistache got to work in the kitchen Sunday night after dinner, and got to work on our dilled carrots.  Those two love canning together!  We ended up with 9 cans, which should be ready just in time for Easter dinner.  If you have the Ball canning book, I suggest you try the recipe yourself! It’s a great, different way to enjoy carrots, especially when you have too many to eat before they go bad.


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