DIY Mineral Powder Foundation

With my current mission to eliminate toxins from my food and skin care, I recently became obsessed with the idea that I could make my own make-up.  I’d been going without for a few weeks, and I was beginning to feel rather frumpy.  I was so glad when I found this post on how to make your own mineral powder foundation! I was even more excited when I saw how easy and cheap it is.

DIY Mineral Foundation

At first, I was really nervous that this wouldn’t work as well as store-bought foundation, but I figured the materials were cheap enough to be worth the experiment.  I mean, c’mon.  Baby powder and corn starch?! Most people have that somewhere in their houses already!

Now that I’ve tried it, however, I can attest to the fact that it works as well as the store bought stuff.  I’m also baffled by the fact that I always agonized over what color foundation to buy for what time of year (it changes as much as 3 shades between summer and winter!)  This stuff is totally white, but goes on translucent, which means I won’t have to change shades when my skin darkens up this summer!

If you’re frugal and green, I really suggest you try making your own foundation.  Not only is it very easy, but you could be saving yourself $30 a pop, and that really adds up!


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