Today In the Garden

This evening, I was outside playing with Pistache, and decided to take a few minutes to enjoy all of the planting we’ve done this season.  I’m so thrilled so far with the progress of most of our plants! Obviously, the veggie garden hasn’t done much since we planted 2 weeks ago, but everything else is making great progress.  I thought I’d share some of the photos I took tonight so you can enjoy my planting, too.

ImageThe most exciting change so far is all of our tiny lemons! Can you believe it?! I didn’t expect fruit until next year at the soonest.  Now, if these all ripen, that will be interesting.

ImageWe also have some really beautiful flowers on our Naval Orange tree.  They smell amazing, and I may have to walk by more often just to enjoy it while it lasts.

ImageOur blackberry bushes have also made great progress from the twigs I planted a few weeks ago.  We’re even getting a few blooms and buds!

Our “garden” is certainly coming along! I hope you enjoyed the photos.


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