Cage Free Babies!

Tonight in the Cage Free household, we’ve embarked on a new journey, one that we have waited about a year for.  This evening, Cage Free Dad brought home our new babies!

Check out our girls!

Check out our girls!

That’s right.  We finally got our chickens! Now, I know many of you follow on Facebook and know that we were offered some baby chicks for free, but that didn’t pan out. I mean, does it ever?? I’m not entirely sure what happened, but we just never heard from her again until this week when she said only 3 hatched and she decided to keep them.  Anyway, chicks are pretty cheap, and we decided to just go for it and buy some from a local farm store.

Up close and personal

Up close and personal

Now, don’t ask me what kind of chickens we got.  We opted for a sexed batch, which only comes in assortments, so I guess we’re in for a surprise when these girls get older! Maybe I’ll come to you for help figuring it out!

We’re really excited about this new journey, and can’t wait to experience the whole thing.  And of course, I’ll be sharing regular progress with my readers, too. As for now, it’s bed time, so good night!


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