Aloe Vera: For More Than Sunburns

The Aloe Vera has been called a “miracle plant” for years.  However, most people grow the plant strictly for it’s sunburn healing properties.  If you’d like to do more with your Aloe Vera plant, here are some of the amazing “miracle” properties it possesses.

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Here is our aloe plant, ready to bloom.


1) The first, and most obvious, use for the Aloe Vera plant is to help with sunburns, minor burns and cuts.  It’s what everyone uses it for and buys it for.  Stores even sell the containers of it (very modified & chemical laden versions, anyway) for consumers coming back from beach vacations burned to a crisp and looking for some relief.  If you’d rather not buy the store bought kind, try growing your own plant and get the benefits in their purest form.

2) Aloe Vera can also heal blisters and insect bites by swabbing a bit over the affected area.

3) Aloe Vera can fade or prevent stretch marks, freckles, and age spots.

4) It can be used on hemorrhoids, too! The anti-inflammation properties that make the gel so great for things like burns and blisters can also be taken advantage of for those pesky, irritating hemorrhoids. Just break off a small piece of the plant and apply it to the irritated area and let the healing properties start working.

5) Use Aloe Vera to sooth razor burns and you’ll get a lot of relief.

6) It can also be used as eye-makeup remover, and is perfect for the dry, sensitive skin around your eyes.

7) Aloe can be used on other skin ailments such as acne and eczema by applying Aloe gel to the affected area 2-3 times a day.  It helps sooth and heal these ailments with it’s cooling, moisturizing, and protecting properties.

8) Eliminate dandruff by adding some Aloe Vera juice to your shampoo or conditioner.

These are just some of the ways you can use Aloe Vera on your skin.  There are also many other health and beauty benefits of using Aloe Vera! Some of these include:

9) Asthma relief can be attained by boiling asthma leaves and water.  The vapors help end an asthma attack with their anti-inflammatory properities.

10) You can also take Aloe internally to relieve many digestive issues such as heartburn, irregularity, stomach issues, and many other problems.  Take caution, though, that there are adverse effects (including diarrhea) from taking Aloe Vera that can get worse with prolonged use.

11) Aloe Vera is also great during cold and flu season because of all the amazing vitamins it contains, including A, B, C, & E.

12) Take advantage of the Vitamin B complexes that help boost your energy, too!

13) Aloe Vera also has anti-fungal properties, making it a great treatment for yeast infections.  You can take it internally or apply it directly to the infected area.

14) Some researchers have found that Aloe Vera juice is great for weight loss and control of Type 2 diabetes, because it lowers blood sugar.

15) Soothe an ear ache by adding a few drops of aloe vera gel to your ear.  You’ll experience instant relief.

These are just some of the more common uses for the Aloe Vera plant, but they are certainly not all of the uses for this amazing plant.  If you are not currently growing your own Aloe Vera plant, I highly recommend you make space in your garden (or even a pot on your patio!) for this “miracle plant.”  They are easy to grow and have so many uses.  Plus, with how easy it is to grow, it’s sort of silly to buy the stuff in the plastic bottles at the store!




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