This Weekend in the Garden

Perhaps I’m going a little overboard on the garden photos, but at this time of year, it’s just too irresistible to not go snap photos when I walk around and see progress! There is just so much constant change, so I feel the need to document it frequently.  So, I hope you enjoy the photos I took this weekend in our garden.

Our pecan tree coming back to life

Our pecan tree coming back to life

One of the things we were most excited for with this house was the huge, established pecan tree in the back yard.  However, so far we’ve been disappointed with the fact that it appeared to be dormant this year.  It looks like it’s just a late bloomer, though, because this week, we’ve finally noticed some green on those barren branches!

First blackberries forming on our bushes.

First blackberries forming on our bushes.

It also looks like our blackberries are beginning to form.  The bushes are thriving! We probably won’t get a ton of berries this year (I only planted 2 bushes), but these bushes look like they’ll be heavy with fruit!  If you notice the string, it’s because this bush was growing away from our fence line, which is where we wanted the bushes to grow, so we’ve got some twine and we’re gently and slowly pulling it towards the fence this way.  The other bush seems to have just known the plan, and grew that way in the first place.

New growth on the strawberries

New growth on the strawberries

Our strawberry plants are also showing some great improvements.  As you can see here, we’ve got some new green growth! We’ve also been picking off several flowers a week lately.  I know it sounds crazy, but until June we’ll be picking off all the berries so that these can focus on growing and  spreading.  These are more of a labor for next year, when we should get tons of berries for canning and enjoying.

There's a bee in our blossom!

There’s a bee in our blossom!

If you remember my post from last year, discussing the woes of a bee-less garden, you’ll understand why this photo is so exciting to me! Yep! That’s a bee! And he’s not the only one, either.  We’ve got bees all over the place, without even trying this time .

Our new (intimidating) friend

Our new (intimidating) friend

We also found another new friend in the garden today.  Pistache was so excited to see him that she ran up and tried to grab him.  As you can see, he decided to try and scare her, and we got a nice lesson in about how lizards defend themselves while I snapped the photo.

Well, there are my updates for the week! Be sure to check out my Facebook page for an album full of progression pics, too.  It’s so fun to see the changes.





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