Baby Chick Update 4-19

I thought it might be fun to post some occasional photo updates of the girls.  Having baby chicks is a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun, too! They change so fast, it’s fun to take constant photos and see the changes day by day (it seems).  We’ve now had them about a week and a half, and the clerk at the Tractor Supply store said they were 3 days old when we got them, so they are right about 2 weeks old today!  They are much more comfortable in their home, now, and they are really showing some personality.

Last week, we found a spare piece of dowel that just happened to be a perfect size to fit in the box  brooder, so we put that in for them to begin practicing their roosting skills.  I think they have it down!



Another fun update in the last few days has been their flying practice.  Now that they have developed some wing feathers, they’ve started using them! The first experience was when Pistache tried to pick one up, but I didn’t snap a photo of that one (we were more concerned with keeping her from taking off or falling and getting hurt).  Since then, they’ve been flapping around the brooder constantly, and have even taken to trying to escape when we take the chicken wire off the top of the brooder! I snapped a few photos of an escape attempt.

Escape Artist

No worries.  I think once she got to the top she decided she was happier in the brooder (it’s much warmer in there).



It sure is fun to watch them learning and exploring! I can’t wait to see what they do outside.  And, just for fun, here is a photo of the latest development.  They’ve been looking “scruffy” around the neck for a few days, and last night I realized that not only do they have feathers at the ends of their wings, but they are developing feathers at the top, too!

Wing Feathers

Their little tail feathers are cute, too!

Another update I’m pleased to announce is that we still have all 6 chicks which appear to be in great health!  I read so much about babies that get sick when they are young and end up dying (& after getting an aquarium I realized it’s not always a simple thing to keep pets alive) so I really am impressed that I’ve managed this!




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2 responses to “Baby Chick Update 4-19

  1. They’re so cute! I really really really want to get chickens, but our backyard is a bit too small at the moment and we have a jack russell who’s a bit of a bird killer. I’m so jealous of your little lot! Great work & keep updating

    • Thank you! We do have a great sized lot, at almost 1/2 an acre in town! But I know they can be kept in much smaller lots than this (as long as you can keep the dogs away!).

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