Let the Harvesting Begin

I can’t believe the day finally came.  It always seems to take ages for the first harvest, but today, I picked the first ripe veggies from my garden (not counting the occasional green onion clipping).  It feels so good! I just can’t wait to put these goodies to use.

first harvest


Today, I had a jalepeno pepper (or at least it’s supposed to be jalepeno…that’s a pretty light pepper!), 2 cherry tomatoes, a green onion clipping, a cucumber, and another handful of berries.

So far, the garden is doing better than we could have hoped.  As long as all the peppers and tomatoes hanging on our plants right now ripen, we’ll be doing loads better than our garden last year!  Hopefully, we’ll be harvesting more veggies in the next few weeks, but I’m so excited to already have ripe food straight from the garden.



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3 responses to “Let the Harvesting Begin

  1. I’m so jealous! I’m still a couple weeks away from a ripe tomato!

  2. I’m jealous, too. We haven’t even been able to plant yet. But your food looks gorgeous.

  3. Sorry, guys! 🙂 We planted at the end of March, way down in the south, lol. Most of my tomatoes are not ready yet. Just those 2 are, but I’m thinking in the next couple of weeks the rest should get ripe because all the fruit appeared within a couple of weeks on the plants! Good luck with your gardens!

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