DIY Wind Chime for Kids

As a stay at home work at home mom, my days require a lot of creativity in order to keep Pistache busy while I keep busy.  I aim to do at least one cool thing a week that’s out of the ordinary, because she’s such a crafty kid.  Plus, I feel like since I run a business based on craftiness, it’s important to pass that on to my daughter. This week (honestly, a couple of weeks ago, but I had to work out the details), she requested that we recycle some of our grocery store cans into something fun and “rainbow colored.” I love this kid.  She’s awesome, if I haven’t mentioned that before.  Our result?

Tin Can Wind Chime

Ta Da! A tin-can wind chime!

Once I worked out the specifics on how to turn a collection of tin cans into a wind chime, it was really pretty simple.

Materials needed:

  • approximately 8 tin cans, cleaned of labels and glue
  • Paint in “rainbow colors”
  • Twine or string
  • 1 old embroidery hoop (or other circular item, preferably recycled)
  • hammer
  • nail
  • hot glue

Once the cans were cleaned, I just let Pistache go to town painting the cans.  It’s a kids’ craft, so I didn’t think it needed to come out pristine!  I wasn’t thinking, though, and let her use her usual paints, so a lot of it washed off in the rain.  I think a coating of clear spray paint will help in the future!

We let the cans dry for a few days, and then took a hammer to the tops, in order to create a hole.


(Don’t worry, I was right there. No fingers got smashed during this project).

After all of the holes are punched, we carefully threaded the string-cut into differing lengths- through the hole and tied a good knot on the inside.

As an added precaution, I also put a dab of hot glue on the top to keep it extra secure.


Finally, we attached each can to the embroidery hoop with another good knot and added two more strings across the top in an X pattern to hang the wind chime.  The final result really is pretty colorful and fun, and Pistache is incredibly proud of her newest project.


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