The Chickens are No Longer Chicks

I swear, now that the chicks I mean chickens, have left the brooder in the house, they are changing at a crazy fast rate.  Who knew chickens grew so fast?! (Okay, well, I guess I did, but still…)

We’ve officially started to let them free range fairly often.  I mean, we kind of had to. Once they had a taste for it, they quickly learned how to fly over the fence for their run and wander the yard on their own anyway.  I swear, it’s like keeping a toddler in their new bed.  It just won’t happen.

Free Range Chicks

Free Range Chicks

Well, hey.  The only reason we really kept them in the run is to keep them away from Scout, our overly playful pup that seems to think they are toys.  But you know what? It turns out these chicks can really handle their own.  Scout is now afraid of getting pecked on the nose again, and all it takes is a cock-eyed look from one of the chicks to send her running in the other direction.  Mission: Accomplished!

They’ve also really gotten to know us! It’s so funny.  Every time they see one of us, the whole flock comes running (and if you’ve ever seen a chicken run, you know what I mean by funny).  In fact, it was incredibly hard to get this picture of them free ranging, because they kept running at me while I was trying to get in the best angle to get a picture!

In addition to running at us every time they see us, they really actually like to be held (well, most of them do, we’ve got 2 shy ones).  And Pistache loves holding them, too.  So it’s a win-win for everyone.

Friendly chicks.

Friendly chicks.

Cage Free Dad enjoys holding them, too.  For some reason, they really like to roost on his arm and listen to him talk.  Or…maybe they just think he’s crazy for talking to a chicken? I sure do!


Chicken Talk

Chicken Talk

They also really love roosting on his shoulder, although I don’t think he’s quite as comfortable with that!

Did it poop on me?

Did it poop on me?

The answer, of course, is no it didn’t poop on him.  I wouldn’t have been mean enough to snap a picture of that. But it was funny to see him get so nervous about it!

As far as growth updates, I’d say they are hitting puberty.  They go back and forth between peeping like chicks and clucking like chickens, which really reminds me of boys during that phase of life!

They’ve also finally started eating some table scraps.  These crazy birds really love cabbage! So funny.  I’ve tried a variety of things, and the only decent response has been to strawberry scraps and cabbage scraps.  They turn their noses up at everything else! Who knew chickens were picky?

All in all, our chickens are growing at an impressive rate.  I’m anxiously awaiting our first eggs, but I know it will be awhile before that starts up.  I’m hoping for August, though!




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6 responses to “The Chickens are No Longer Chicks

  1. How old are your birds?

    And I agree about not know how picky they could be! Mine turn their noses up at lettuce but will steal clover right out of your hand. Strawberries and watermelon were a big hit here too but they don’t seem impressed with mealworms! That one was a big surprise to me.

    • Ahh thank you for letting me know our birds aren’t the only picky ones, J.D.! They are about 2 months old, I believe (I’ve sort of lost count). They’ve been outside for about a month, though. I also just found out that they LOVE oatmeal! It was like a magic disappearing act when I put that in their tray 🙂

  2. Loved this – we haven’t got quite so intimate with our chickens, but they do come running when they see their meal ticket arrive. Ours love cabbage too – and cucumber, cooked rice, and most fruit and veg peelings (over-ripe bananas and mango are a big favourite) – do you think we’re spoiling them? Who can resist. No eggs here either – they are around the 5 months old stage, so we’re waiting and watching. Lovely photos – thanks for sharing.

    • Oh trust me, Safia, I’m not one to pick up the chicks just for fun 🙂 CFD loves to do it, though. He says that way they are used to us if we need to catch one of them for a reason! Ours are about 2 months old right now, so we’ve still got time for eggs.

      • That’s true – if I ever have one that needs checking for injury/health issues it’ll be a nightmare to catch ’em now – easier when they were younger. Free range in our case – out of the coop around 5 am until sunset which is 7 pm-ish here at the mo. And they love to run and go on short flights! All the best – you have a lovely blog.

  3. When my chickens run at me it always reminds me of that scene in Jurassic Park with the velociraptors coming right at you! Mine love cantaloupe seeds and their rinds. They also like squash seeds and flesh, cucumbers, and zucchini.

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