Garden Surprise

Have you ever been surprised by the plants in your garden? What I mean is, we usually go to the nursery and pick out plants based on a plan, so we know exactly what will grow, where.  Well, this year was our first year trying out a local nursery, instead of buying starts at a big box store.  I loved the prices (.99 a start!) and service, but we have now ended up with two garden surprises!

The first one was simply the wrong kind of pepper- it was labeled jalepeno but we are pretty sure it is a banana pepper.  It’s a great producer, though, so no big deal.  However, we’ve now got a big (and I mean big) surprise in our garden.

That's not a cucumber!

That’s not a cucumber!

Remember how I said that right after we planted our garden, we suffered a really late frost and lost a few plants? We had to replace 2 of our cucumber starts.  They seemed kind of puny for the longest time, and I didn’t have much faith in them.  Suddenly, the vines branched out so fast I didn’t even have time to train them. They went everywhere.  Optimistic that this meant we would get a lot of cucumbers, I didn’t mind.  What we thought were cucumbers were popping up everywhere and growing at an exponential rate.  I finally asked in a gardening group, “what kind of cucumber is this?”  Obviously, I was told it’s not a cucumber at all (in my defense the photo was of a much smaller one, but still really big for a cucumber). I’d never seen them get this big, or have quite this pattern on them.  I feel kind of silly, now, but seeing the above photo, this obviously isn’t a cucumber.

I thought it was a cucumber!

I thought it was a cucumber!

We’ve now got 3 good sized watermelons growing in our garden.  I feel kind of silly that I picked a few when they were smaller, but hey! When you’re told it’s a cucumber, you assume it’s a cucumber, right?  I’m a little disappointed that we won’t be getting any pickles this year, but hopefully soon we’ll be enjoying some fresh watermelon straight from the garden! Now, the trick is to know when they’re ready! I honestly have no idea, since I’ve never grown a melon.

Has this happened to anyone else before??



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